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Lex Kim Bobrow (they/them), known as @titanomachyRPG, is a mixed-Asian, non-binary tabletop roleplaying game designer and writer. They are the creator of Caltrop Core, a d4-based system for creating your own TTRPGs, featured in Dicebreaker's "9 best tabletop RPG systems to hack into a custom game."Over 200 games have been created by a diverse community surrounding the system since its release in October 2021, with 92 of those coming to life during a 6-day game jam in December 2021 -- and another 92 during the second game jam in April 2022.So far, designers have built 235 games on Lex's SRDs: Caltrop Core, Caltrop Core EX, and EMERGE8.

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Inspired by Medabots and other similar anime from the time period, *GOLDEN BEETLE PLAYGROUND *is an upcoming TTRPG built on Caltrop Core EX! Build your own custom "2-O" and battle it out in Beetle City to become #1!To stay updated on GBPG, follow me on tumblr or Patreon!

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Ever wanted to make your own TTRPG but didn't know where to start? Check out all three of my System Reference Documents (SRDs) for FREE.

Caltrop Core

Make your own game in minutes! Featured in Dicebreaker!

Caltrop Core EX

Use Caltrop Core the way I do, with a universal 3d4 roll.


Design a TTRPG as you play, using this new d8-based SRD.

Major Releases


Find yourself in this GMless hexcrawl, complete with original pixel art!


1-page anarchist power fantasy. Raising money for FL Access Network.


A TTRPG about loneliness. Great for charity streams and RP-focused stories.